Call for Papers – Language Prejudice (University of Sheffield, UK) 9-10 July

Language, like race, religion, sexuality or even haircut style, is a human variable. Variables are sensitive to being associated with some type of social meaning or stereotyping, independently of any inherent or intrinsic qualities of the variable. Such stereotyping can be the cause of linguistic prejudice and discrimination, which can result in social exclusion and have serious impact for engagement of individuals with the education system and the establishment and thus pose an economic and developmental challenge.

The current workshop forms part of a project financed by the Newton Fund UK on linguistic discrimination in Brazil. The working hypothesis of the project is that one viable route to combat linguistic prejudice and discrimination is via knowledge and understanding of why and how languages vary and change. So as to explore this hypothesis, consider other hypotheses and formulate a strategy as to the best way to combat linguistic prejudice, we are holding an inter-disciplinary workshop on the topic with the following invited speakers.

• Gladis Massini-Cagliari (State University of São Paulo)
Paul O’Neill (University of Sheffield)
Dr Alex Baratta (University of Manchester) Abstract
• Dr. Luiz Carlos Cagliari (State University of São Paulo)

We welcome abstracts for papers in English on any aspect of language discrimination and particularly welcome abstracts focusing on Education, Brazilian Portuguese and abstracts that address the two main research questions of the project:

• How can recent developments in understanding language change and variation combat linguistic prejudice?
• How can linguists engage with policy makers and non-academic partners to disseminate their research and have a lasting impact on matters of linguistic prejudice, especially within education?

Proposals must not be longer than one side of A4 and should be sent to the following address The deadline for submission of proposals is 25th May. Notice of the acceptance of proposals will be given before June.

The workshop will take place at the University of Sheffield on 9-10 of July and the conference fee will be subsidised by the project for speakers giving oral presentations.

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